About Purler Wrestling, Inc.

Our System

The entire Purler Wrestling Online Academy program is based on narrowing down the sport of wrestling’s 6,000+ techniques into the BEST 275 techniques and skills. Then, taking those skills and dividing those into categories (Basics, Phase I, Phase II, Phase III).

Similar to how gymnastics and karate mapped out and organized their complicated sports into levels or belts, Purler Wrestling, back in 1999, COMPLETELY ORGANIZED the sport of wrestling and our results are quite impressive.

In 2018, Purler Wrestling Academy (PWA) students won 43 state titles and we average over 125 state medalists each year. In 2019, 24% of Missouri’s high school state finalists, and a whopping 14% of the entire states’ state champions were from Nick’s Purler Wrestling Academy program! Since 2005, PWA students have earned over $3.5 million in college wrestling scholarships and many of the most famous college wrestling stars were dedicated academy, DVD system (Now the ONLINE ACADEMY), and summer campers.

Success Stories

Nick Purler and family