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Wrestlers, are you frustrated by your results? Coaches, are you in need of an organized system for training your teams? Parents, do you wish you had a way to help your own son/daughter master this complex sport? If so, then our ONLINE ACADEMY is for you!


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$ 249

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$ 19

The initiation fee is paid at the beginning of a new membership. If you cancel your membership and wish to rejoin later, you will be charged another initiation fee.

Benefits of Membership

Nick Purler

Learn From the Best

Nick started the wrestling academy industry in 1999, and since then has helped over 3,000 athletes earn state medals and over 700 earn state titles. In fact, in 2021 a whopping 23% of the state champs at Missouri’s high school state tournament trained in Purler Wrestling Academy. These wrestlers trained actively in Purler Wrestling Academy’s rooms the entire season before. Countless others trained in the PWA system as kids leading up to their high school careers. Missouri has 4 classes, meaning there were a lot of PWA students making the finals! A full 18% of Missouri’s Girls state medalists were in PWA’s off-season training program the prior spring and summer.

Online Wrestling Academy

Wrestling Training at Your Pace

Our online wrestling academy is available to members 24/7, 365 days a year. Train as often as you want, whenever you want. Now you have a blueprint to follow! The best way to build anything is in an assembly line fashion. Now with our online academy you can build yourself or your team into elite wrestlers. Our online academy gives you a database to refer back to, which means that anytime you are at a tournament and need to brush up on a position or skill, you can simply refer back to the Purler Wrestling Online Academy and find the answers.

The Curriculum



Our basic series is recommended for wrestlers with zero to three years of experience. Many of the skills and ideas shared on our basics series are areas not covered in many wrestling programs.



Phase 1 is the sport of wrestling defined, explained, and taught. Many feel that phase 1 is the finest wrestling product ever produced for the sport of wrestling.


Phase 2

Phase 2 takes you to the “next tier” of wrestling techniques that you will need to know and understand since the more advanced wrestlers will have a somewhat different set of common positions.



Phase 3 rounds out our 4 step training course by building upon the key areas of hand fighting, scrambling, tricks of the trade, and advanced finishes.

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