College Recruiting Services: Champion

Total: $3799


  • Athlete profile featured on our College Recruiting Services database
    • Every 3 weeks we email every college coach in America on our recruits’ behalf; this way college coaches actually get a chance to know our athletes instead of you trying to ‘cold call’ them when it’s time for your recruiting process to start. Which gives you a leg up on the competition.
      • Did you know college coaches cannot contact you until June 15th after your sophomore year? We can break the ice for you and get you on their radar early.
  • Access to our "College Recruiting Secrets Revealed" downloadable packet
    • All of the ins and outs of the recruiting process. We’ve got you covered!
      • Do you know what the NCAA/NAIA eligibility center is?
      • Do you know what FAFSA is?
      • Do you know what schools can offer you scholarships?
  • Direct access to our full list of college coaches
  • Help updating your recruiting profile from our experts (all former college wrestlers)
    • Examples:
      • Did you know that college coaches prefer to watch FULL MATCHES and will generally not waste their time watching highlight videos?
      • Did you know close losses to high profiled athletes can be beneficial to your resume?
  • Athlete profile features all of your contact info so college coaches can conveniently contact you.
  • Personalized emails about your recruit to 20 colleges of your choice
    • As well as the mass emails we send out every 3 weeks about all of our recruits, we will personally reach out to the coaches of 20 colleges of your choice and provide them with a personalized email about your recruit specifically.
  • Live support seven days a week
  • Custom evaluation session with a recruiting coach (AS NEEDED)
    • Can be technique related, recruiting advice, cutting weight strategies, etc.
  • College funding consultation.
  • A personal coach for your entire recruiting journey
  • 3 FREE COMPETITION HAMMER CAMPS ($175 value each = $525 total)
  • Purler Wrestling's Online Academy FREE Access ($180 registration free + $179.88 / yr. = $359.88 value)