One Wrestler: $120 – monthly / Two Siblings: $128.50 – monthly

It is very common for our staff to step in and drill / spar / go live with the wrestlers. Obviously we are not there to win or go hard, but to help your wrestlers. If anyone would rather their wrestler not train with our coaches, you are expected to OPT OUT by sending an email to us and giving us your wrestler’s name(s) as well as the room(s) they are attending. [email protected]

Partnering up at Purler Wrestling Camps / Academy, etc: We always ask the wrestlers to partner up at all of our training events, so that  they can train with any and all amazing partners we have. It is your child’s responsibility to choose partners close to their age and wt class.

No contracts, cancel anytime. However, if you decide to pause your training account, we require that you give us a one month’s notice.  As you know, wrestling requires partners and in order to offer a tremendous program and in all fairness to your child’s partner(s), please do us the courtesy of this one month notice before you pause your training with us.