Purler Wrestling Academy

Boys and Girls Wrestling School for Youth & High School Wrestlers

PWA offers year-round training for the serious, disciplined, and dedicated wrestler. However, the amount of training is up to you.

Purler™ Wrestling, Inc is a family-owned and operated wrestling company which was established in 1999 and has since grown to offer a wide range of training opportunities for the entire nation.

Purler™ Wrestling Academy commonly carries over 400+ students with some driving 3-5 hours round trip to train with Nick at their weekly training sessions, which operate in Missouri and Illinois.

PWA offers 4 different program options to fit your wrestler’s level (Beginner, Core Skills, Elite, and World Class Wrestling Program), as well as girls’ only practices.

About Purler Wrestling Academy

No Contracts for PWA Core Skills

Our PWA Core Skills program has no contracts, cancel anytime. However, if you decide to pause your training account, we require that you give us a one month’s notice. As you know, wrestling requires partners and in order to offer a tremendous program and in all fairness to your child’s partner(s), please do us the courtesy of this one month notice before you pause your training with us.

A Great Value

One year of PWA training (1x per week) equals the same amount of training you would get by signing up for 5 full weeks of summer camp, which would cost $2,500 plus travel and misc. expenses. PWA is a great AND very affordable way to get to the top. Think of us as a year-round training camp.

Training With Staff

It is very common for our staff to step in and drill / spar / go live with the wrestlers. Obviously we are not there to win or go hard, but to help your wrestlers. If anyone would rather their wrestler not train with our coaches, you are expected to OPT OUT by sending an email to us and giving us your wrestler’s name(s) as well as the location(s) they are attending. [email protected]

Training Partners

We always ask the wrestlers to partner up at all of our training events so that they can train with any and all amazing partners we have. It is your child’s responsibility to choose partners close to their age and weight class.

Those Who Stay Will Be Champions

Not only is Purler™ Wrestling Academy the nation’s largest wrestling school, but also one of its most successful. We have been in the wrestling training business since 1999. Our students have won many team national titles, as well as countless state and national medals and awards. Our students have earned over $4 million in college wrestling scholarships.

National Champions
State Champions
State Placers
PWA Core Skills Wrestling Program

PWA Core Skills

This is our month to month academy for both high school and youth wrestlers.

While training at PWA Core Skills is offered on a year-round basis, the athletes can come and go as they please, depending on their other sport commitments, etc. The CORE skills of wrestling (Level I) are hammered home in the PWA Core Skills wrestling rooms, and many of the top wrestlers in college wrestling have used the PWA Core Skills program in order to build themselves into elite wrestlers. PWA Core Skills athletes can train as much as 2-3 times a week at no additional cost, as long as we have space (which we generally ALWAYS do).

Program Details

What We Offer

Schedule & Locations

PWA Elite Wrestling Program

PWA Elite

PWA Elite is a year-round training program for youth and a 8 month commitment for high school offered to the most dedicated and involved wrestlers.

In this program, we require wrestlers to make a year-round commitment so that we can train in all vital areas of wrestling (Level I, II and III). PWA Elite wrestlers get access to multiple nights per week of training.

Program Details

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Schedule & Locations

Purler Girls Wrestling Academy in Moscow Mills, MO

PWA Girls Only Practices

Our Girls Wrestling Academy.

We’re excited to offer PWA practices exclusively for girls. Females are welcome to train at any of our locations and sessions. However, if they are desiring a night to train exclusively with females, our girls’ academy coaches Ty Purler and Tanner Irwin run practices for them at our Combative Sports Athletic Center in Moscow Mills, MO. In addition, we have added a new girls only location at SIUE in Edwardsville, IL

Core Skills Program Details

What Core Skills Program Offers

Core Skills Schedule & Locations

PWA World Class Wrestling Program

PWA World Class Wrestling Program

This is an invitation only program.

The PWA WCWP program will consist of hand-picked PWA Elite room kids (invitation only). This program allows for more individualized attention, as well as an expanded drill plan. In this room, we will also be able to work through more techniques and areas of focus during each practice.

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PWA World Class Wrestling Program - Total Athlete

Open to all current WCWP members

PWA-WCWP Total Athlete Program is designed for the wrestler who wants to be an NCAA champion and chase, World and Olympic dreams, become a well-known famous wrestler,  maximize their middle school, and high school potential by “living at Purler Wrestling” and taking full advantage of our facilities, opportunities, coaches, and partners on a year-round basis.   

Simply stated:  if PWA-WCWP has been extremely beneficial for you…then 2-4 training sessions per week with these hard-core like-minded athletes is that much better.  

If becoming a strong, powerful athlete who is engaged in a year-round, functional strength training program, and being TOTALLY EMERSED in Purler Wrestling and non-stop year-round Purler Wrestling Staff influence is something that you think will help you accomplish your goals, the PWA-WCWP Total Athlete Program is for you. 

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Recommended Practices

100% Money Back Guarantee

We do not take walk-ins at practice, but do offer a full month NO RISK trial. If you would like to train at PWA and ‘see if it is for you’, then simply register and come to 3-4 practices (or an entire month) and get on our mats. If, for any reason, it is not for you, email us so and well suspend the account and refund the tuition.

We Can Come to You!

If you’d like to bring an intensive training camp to your area, Purler Wrestling travels throughout the year to wrestling rooms all over the country to deliver a top-notch, intensive wrestling camp to your team. See our Private Team Camps for more information!

Wait List

Purler™ Wrestling Academy carries a lengthy waiting list certain times of the year as space is limited. If you feel you are ready for the next step in your wrestling career, get involved today.