Our 28 Day Challenge includes all 3 Purler camps (Takedown Machine, Three Position, and Dream Season) plus 4 seminar sessions!



$2,770 per wrestler. 


Tired of messing around? 20,000 reps oughta do it! TAKE THE 28 DAY CHALLENGE! Register fast, last summer all but one of our camps sold out and it only had 8 spots left!.  Limited spots available this summer.

Sign up for our 28-Day Challenge and receive a coupon to waive our registration fee to our on-line academy where you can access all of Nick’s Foundation Wrestling™technique.  It’s a system designed to strategically learn and teach the sport of wrestling. (valued at $179; you pay $14.99 / month). All 28-Day Challenge wrestlers receive a custom apparel package valued at $190 which includes a crewneck, T-shirt, shorts, and singlet (please email us your singlet size [email protected]).  All challenge members also receive a free copy of Nick’s book, The Purler™ Way, valued at $15.  All together this is a $384 benefit for challenge members only. The 28 Day Challenge will cover the entire Takedown Machine® Camp drill routine, the Three Position Camp drill routine, as well as, the 14 day Dream Season drill routine. For a detailed description of each of these specific drill routines, please visit the page of that respective camp.  In addition to covering all the technique involved in our three camps, challenge members will have seminars on the days between each camp.  Seminars include “Winning the Mental Game”, “Recruiting”, “Goal Setting”, “Match Strategy”, “Strength and Conditioning”, and “Nutrition and Making Weight”.  In addition to the seminar topics each day will also include review and insight of live wrestling sessions.

All of this for less than $100 per day!  Register early to take advantage of our payment installment plan!

  • Nick shares practical advice, insights, anecdotes, and resources from his nearly four decades of combined experience in the sport as a competitive wrestler, parent of a competitive wrestler, and experienced coach.
  • Areas of focus include Achieving Perspective, Winning the Mental Game, Training to Win, controlling your thoughts & emotions, how to think & how not to think, developing game plans which calms nerves & helps win matches, and winning matches through consistent behaviors and keeping a healthy mental climate.
  • Each wrestler will receive a 3-prong binder with self-evaluation worksheets.  Diagnosing the causes of your mental blocks are the first step to overcoming them.  We will help you discover the root of your mental blocks and harness those negative thoughts and use them to create positive energy.
  • We will provide you with exercises that you can do to help create positive energy and give you the steps you need to “choke proof” your wrestling.
  • Avoiding the scams.  We teach you how to spot recruiting services that don’t truly know the sport of wrestling and educate you on the one that does!
  • What are the easiest, most effective ways to be recruited?
  • What are college coaches looking for?
  • What rules apply to recruiting?
  • How to set goals
  • Steps needed to achieve the goals
  • How to hold yourself accountable
  • Our strategy on setting BUILDING BLOCK GOALS vs. outcome goals
  • Our coaches will watch you wrestle live and help you develop a strategy that focuses on staying in your strong positions and avoids areas you struggle in.
  • We will break down lifts that are most important for wrestlers, as well as, how much weight and reps to do for each lift.
  • How to build mass in the summer.
  • How to maintain muscle mass while cutting weight.
  • How to improve muscle endurance to ensure you feel alive at the end of your match.
  • How to shed those last few pounds without feeling physically drained.
  • How to map out a proper weight cutting strategy.
  • Shedding those last few pounds.
  • What to eat after weigh-ins.

Round trip airport transportation is available for all camps for $50 per person.  (Extra fees may apply for untimely arrivals/departure and late booking.)  Please book travel accordingly:

  • You are booking into Lambert International Airport (STL) in St. Louis, MO.
  • Sorry, we are no longer able to pick up unaccompanied minors.  Anyone under 12 on SWA or under 15 on all other airlines must fly in and out with an adult.  UM status is determined by the airlines and has nothing to do with being 18.
  • Book arrivals for the night before between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. (or as close to those times as possible).  All pick ups will be fed dinner and breakfast and housed for the night as part of their airport transportation fee.
  • Book departures for the last night of camp after 7:00 p.m. (or as close as possible) or the following morning between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.  Any camper staying over night will be fed dinner and housed for no additional fee.  Breakfast is on their own at the airport.
  • Anyone booking too far outside these intervals will incur an additional $40 fee for airport transportation.
  • Pick ups are done in intervals, so some campers may be waiting for their pick up or dropped off well in advance of their departure.
  • Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

All airport transportation should be booked on-line

  • Online Registration only
  • Registration deadline: We do not have a deadline but will close each camp as it gets full.  Most years, camps close months in advance and Mar/Apr are when many camps have filled in the past.  Register early to get into this camp.
  • All refunds issued will be in the form of a camp credit towards future camps.
  • A camper dismissed for disciplinary reasons will not be considered for a credit.
  • Any camper leaving camp due to an injury/illness will be given a credit for the remaining value of the camp.  Please remember that wrestling is a contact sport and injuries, illnesses, and skin infections are a part of that.  By enrolling in camp you are assuming the risk that your child may be injured, become ill, or contract a skin infection and be unable to complete camp, and it is understood that credit will be given for only the remaining days’ value.
  • If a camper chooses to leave camp by their own choice, for any reason, they will not receive a credit for the remainder of camp.
  • Campers are welcome to reschedule their camp for another camp operated by Nick Purler if space is available.
  • Credit good for one year.
  • By registering for camp you are agreeing to abide by these cancellation/refund guidelines.

Nick Purler
1855 Femme Osage Creek Rd
Augusta, MO 63332
[email protected] 

Please take a moment to send an e-mail so we can add you to the e-mailing list for camp updates [email protected] Please read the camp details completely before calling with camp questions. Thank you