Packing List & Laundry

Packing List (We have A/C and Fans in the bunks)

As you can see from the schedule, we will have plenty of time for fun and hanging out. We have plenty of room on our 9 acres for outdoor activities as well.  All wrestlers are allowed ONE suitcase along with a backpack/wrestling bag and a mesh laundry bag. Each wrestler will have their own 40x30x24-inch shelf and ALL of their gear should be kept on that shelf in order to keep the floor clear for the safety of the kids. Please no trunks or construction style toolboxes. We do not want our floors scratched by dragging them across the bunkhouses.

list of Items You Should Pack

Laundry Service for Wrestlers Doing Multiple Back-to-back Camps, Dream Season Camp, and 28-day Challenge Camp

We offer a bulk laundry service for campers staying in between camps, 28-Day Challenge Campers, and on day 7 of the Dream Season Camp. If you want your wrestler to use this service, please send $15 cash for each laundry day they need (Please provide exact change) in an envelope marked with HIS/HER NAME and “laundry.” We will cover the laundry soap, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. A mesh laundry bag is also necessary. Please make sure it is free of holes! We are not responsible for items that fall out of the laundry bag. Please make sure your son’s/daughter’s name is clearly labeled on the bag with a permanent marker so the bag is easy to identify and not mistakenly grabbed. Sorry, no laundry service for 5-day campers.