Rules for Campers & Parents

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Camp Rules & Practices

No Snacks in the Bunkhouse

In order to maintain a clean and sanitary bunkhouse, we DO NOT allow snacks in the bunkhouses. There is no area to store food so wrestlers are NOT allowed to bring in their own snacks. We have concession items to purchase for $1 to $2 that they can consume in the rec. room/dining hall areas. They range from protein bars to candy bars, burritos, pizza pockets, and gatorades to sodas. We need to make sure the bunks stay clear of mice, insects, ants, etc.

campers Must Remain on Premises

Athletes are to stay within the boundaries of our campground at all times. Anyone caught off the premises will be sent home with no refund. Please make sure your child is aware he/she is here to learn and to train. Everyone paid good money to come and have a positive camp experience and that’s what we intend to provide. Any property damage will result in a fine!!

Special Dietary Needs

If your camper has special dietary needs other than gluten, please contact us at [email protected] to make arrangements. No peanut products are used in our meal menus or available in our concession stand. We do keep plenty of GF substitutes on hand for all meals so no need to contact us about a gluten allergy. Just have your child let our kitchen staff know and they will be shown where the GF items are located and they will have access to them at any time. We also keep almond milk on hand for anyone who is lactose intolerant. You are welcome to send foods for your child to eat to supplement our menu if they have a food allergy/intolerance. They will need to label their food and a coach will show them where to store it at check in. No foods are allowed in the bunks.

Rules for Parents

Parents are allowed to watch the last session on the final day of camp ONLY. We are maintaining a distraction-free zone. Parents are allowed to come visit your wrestler, but must meet in the designated parking lot with the picnic tables to do so. For the safety of the campers, we do not allow parents, friends, or family members around the kids at camp and will not allow any parents to roam about the camp grounds, dining pavilion, bunk houses, etc. If you decide to take them off-campus please have them check out with a coach before you leave.

No Bare Feet

No bare feet on the wrestling mats. All wrestlers are to change shoes prior to getting on the mats.