"Hey Nick this is Stevan Micic's father Steve. I know I've thanked you in the past but wanted to send you a note to thank you again for the impact your Foundation Wrestling Instructional DVDs have had on Stevan and me. At the age of 10 or 11 Stevan started getting serious about wrestling and came to me one day with tears in his eyes after a hard fought loss and pleaded with me to help him personally get better at wrestling. There was only one problem and that was that I nor anyone in our family had ever wrestled. He was very upset and persistent and finally I gave in and we settled on a hand shake to seal the deal. That day changed my life forever as is started on a journey of learning everything I could about wrestling. I spent hundreds and thousands of hours and dollars watching YouTube and purchasing instructional material only to find I was more confused and frustrated. I was all over the place and had more questions than answers. There were hundreds of wrestlers using hundreds of wrestling moves and techniques. I was overwhelmed! Thankfully I stumbled across the Purler Foundation Wrestling DVD series. I finally found a blueprint that I could easily understand and it cut through all the confusion and really focused our time and energy in getting better at wrestling faster. I can honestly say your system has been the primary source we have used and continue to use in building and keeping a strong wrestling foundation for Stevan. Thanks Nick!"
-Steve Micic
“Nick is a better mentor for life than a coach; and he’s the best youth coach in America” Purler wrestling! A program that gives your wrestler an opportunity to win! Enough said!
-Mike Whitaker
My name is Brent Rastetter and I’m a coach in Lexington, Ohio. I purchased the Foundation System Dvd’s last year and feel that it was my best technique purchase that I have made in my 25 years with the sport. I read in the latest W.I.N. magazine that a Part 2 is going to be released, I was just curious as to when that would be out because I want to purchase it as soon as it becomes available. Thanks for your time.
-Brent Rastetter
My son has been a long time affiliate with Purler Wrestling. He has clocked countless hours every summer dating back to his middle school years drilling and working his tail off to become better. He is now a Senior in HS and had been actively searching a college that fit his needs since last year. My son is a Division I quality wrestler, however, his wrestling resume has not always shown in the best light. He has qualified for state each year of high school, placing high, but never securing the “state title.” He’s competed in national tourneys and even won a few here and there but nothing significant. He did not attend Fargo or Akron. We chose to spend our time and money on Purler Camps as they’ve clearly provided to be most beneficial in Garrett’s wrestling career. Because of Purler wrestling, my son has obtained several Division I looks and offers. Not only going on several official visits to well known D1 programs, he’s secured several viable offers. Thanks to Purler Wrestling Academy for always endorsing my son which has proved to be one of the best investments for my son’s college and future in general. NCAA Division I here we come!!!
-Shelly Starks
Purler wrestling system has been a key component in my son Noah Surtin’s wrestling since he was eleven. Purler provides focused drill, detailed instruction on how to achieve an athlete’s best wrestling, and a group of coaches who are always willing to help (in season or out). A quick story: Noah lost 10 – 0 to a kid at the Cadet national duals in 2017. Nick heard what happened and asked him to come out to the camp site when he got back. We went out to camp one day during lunch, and Trevor and Nick worked on strategies to deal with this particular opponents strength. 3 weeks later, Noah earned a tech fall in the semi-finals at Fargo against the same kid who teched him at the Cadet duals. He went on to win Fargo, which ultimately led to him getting attention from major college programs, and ultimately choosing to continue his wrestling career at the University of Missouri. We are thankful for everything Nick and his team of coaches have done for Noah throughout the years; and continue to do for our son Connor. If you want a place where your athlete will have an opportunity to work hard and learn the tools to help them reach their goals–look no further than Purler Wrestling.
-Mike Monroe
Just wanted to tell you that your dvds are outstanding. I have invested probably over a thousand in videos/dvds so I can learn and become the most well rounded coach I can be over the past 7 years. I own (thankfully my wife doesn’t know what these videos cost) or have seen just about all of them (World and Olympic stars and so many more…you name it and I probably own it) and I want you to know that I found yours series to be one of the best. The way it’s designed, presented – well done all around!! I am building a program in a brand new high school in a community with basically no wrestling “culture” or mentality. I may have told you in a past email how lucky I am to have met and worked with guys like World and Olympic stars. I’ve always been “thirsty” for more knowledge about our sport, but meeting these guys was an added spark and gave me additional impetus to go out there and get my hands on the best information possible. I feel I’ve done that consistently with my current video library but now have raised it to another level since adding your foundation series. It’s interesting to me because 90% or more of what’s out there are almost entirely technique based – which is obviously by design given that’s what they were made to provide. However, your series provides not only the best and most high percentage techniques (taught incredibly well) but also [and most importantly] all the intangibles that none of the others provide – tactics, mindset, mental edge and seemingly tons of other little things not readily available on the market. It seems like all these great ambassadors to the sport have forgotten about tactics and mindset – at least in their video/dvds (but never at clinics or camps). I appreciate the work you put in and wanted to thank you for putting this product out there for coaches and athletes like myself. I have learned a lot and will employ a lot of the Purler Foundation principles in my practice room. Maybe someday I’ll bump into you at nationals or some other event. Until then, thanks again.
-Will C.
I don’t often comment on technique videos I’ve purchased, but you seem to allow yourself to be approached by others so I thought I would let you know what I thought. We started practice today. I have a team that comprises of about 27 kids and about 10 of them started wrestling as freshman (they are my most experienced kids). Using your handfighting skills and positioning drills I was able to avoid the wanting to wrestle live comments. They were able to focus on better set-ups to utilize their growing shot repetoire. My assistant came up to me and, although I feel as though I run good practices, made it a point to tell me how much more engaged the kids seemed as I didn’t allow for much down time and tried not to be an explainiac. I feel this was partly due to the handbook you provided with guidelines for practices. I’ve felt all Summer that we might be a sleeper team in our league. If we truly perform to our potential, some of that thanks will go to you.
-Mike Wilbur
I am enjoying watching/studying your wrestling DVD from a coaches standpoint. I’ll be coaching wrestling full time at the junior high level ( I’ve helped out the past two years) so this will be a new and exciting experience for me. The small details that are demonstrated in the DVD and the how’s and why’s of each move along with the mental aspects are very helpful. Good luck with your future endeavors in wrestling. Your concepts of how to be successful in the great sport of wrestling are a huge plus to people that want to and need to improve.
-Dave Boze